Mary Newing


COVID19 - Reiki for charity

Some very exciting research has discovered that massage boosts your immune system. Read more here.

Practice Timer

As both a student and a teacher of Mediation i know how valuable it is to have somebody hold the space for you. One of the key aspects of holding space is having somebody else watch the clock and gently alert you when time is up. When you practice at home modern technology can really help.

I have struggled to find a timer that works for me so i have created an app. I have made this available via the Google play store, you can find it in the google play store.

The Practice Timer app is a free gift from Stillness Therapy and is given with the wish it will be of benefit to you. A simple practice timer App that plays a pleasant sound when the time is up. It is also supports interval times when a short bell will be played.

Unforunatly it is only available for Android.