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Herbalism is an ancient tradition of using herbs for their healing properties. A 'herb' can refer to any part of a plant including stems, leaves, fruit, flowers, roots, bark and seeds. Archeologiest have found evidence suggesting that the use of herbalism dates back to the Paleolithic age, 60,000 years ago and in some parts of the world is still widely used in many parts of the world..

I practice sensory herbalism and work with native plants. I especially love to work with clients make transformations in their life, changing unhealthy patterns, getting clarity about choices, navigating challanges.

I teach workshops and see clients 1-1 and am based in Teddington, South West London


mkaing spring tonic vinegar

Spring Tonic Vinegar workshop

Look out for Dates next year.

Price is £30 plus booking fee.

Cleavers bursting with spring freshness.

Make your own fresh spring vinegar tonic rich in vitamins and trace minerals. At this practical hands on workshop we will forage for fresh spring greens and turn them into a tonic to revitalise you are after the dark sleepy winter.

Come along and find out about the "weeds" growing all around us that are bursting with goodness. We will go on a nature walk and learn how to indentify common plants and their health benefits. You will leave with your own spring tonic vinegar and the knowledge how to make more

Please bring outdoor clothing and shoes and gloves as we will be picking plants such as nettles. This workshop will require the use of sharp knifes so adults only.

fire burning bright

Make your own Fire Cider - A spicy hot deliciously sweet vinegar tonic.

Date to be announced in August.

Price is £30 plus booking fee which includes all herbs and a jar.

Teddington - South West London : November 2018

making fire cider vinegar.

A spicy hot deliciously sweet vinegar tonic is an amazing tonic made from plants you can grow in your garden.

At this practical hands on workshop you will make your own fire cider to take home. You will also learn about the herbs used and how you could grow them in your own garden.

Fire cider contains powerful immune enhancers that help ward off infections, colds, flus, and bronchial congestion. A tablespoon or two a day Fire Cider during the winter can to help keep the immune system healthy and to ward off infections. All this, and it tasted good too!

This easy to make home remedy is used to help warm up the body, and generally acts a stimulant and antimicrobial used during cold and flu season.

All ingredients supplied. You will leave this workshop with a fire cider you have prepared. This workshop will require the use of sharp knifes so adults only.

Indivdual Sessions

With 1-1 clients I work on a three session basis, an inital consultation, with a follow up 2 weeks later then a further follow up 4 weeks later. I charge £100 for the three consultations and the herbs for the three consultations.