Mary Newing


COVID19 - Reiki for charity

Some very exciting research has discovered that massage boosts your immune system. Read more here.

Warm Bamboo Massage

Bamboo massage is a technique that uses heated bamboo stalks of varying lengths and diameters to provide deep-tissue massage.

Whilst warm bamboo may seem like a new technique it in fact has ancient roots. many eastern arts including Thai Massage hava a long history of using tools to enhance treatments. Bamboo is a wonderful material being light and strong but also very sustainable. Bamboo can grow up to 4ft in a day, needs minimal water and no pesticdes.

Benefits of a Warm Bamboo Massage

  • relaxes, reduce stress and aids relaxation
  • improves wellbeing
  • eases muscle aches and pains
  • helps ease chronic pain including back pain and headaches
  • highly effect lympahtic drainage

Good to Know

Reiki is suitable for adults in a good state of health.

A session is received undressed on a couch and generally lasts 1 hour.