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Gazing idly at the sky
The clouds have gone
I didn't even see them move
                    - Chang-te

From a place of stillness we can connect with our true nature.

A modern approach to harnessing the body's natural ability to heal itself. With skilful gentle holding using many years of experience and training I will guide and assist you on your journey towards being at peace with yourself.

Why Stillness Therapy

The human body is supremely intelligent and has the capacity to repair itself. We are constantly doing maintenance, recovering from injuries, fighting infection, clearing out pollutants etc. For this to function well we need to be rested and not stressed.

A Stillness Therapy Session

Stillness Therapy has been developed from my experiences and extensive training around the world with masters of many traditions. It is a holistic approach taking into account the physical body, the energetic body and the mind.

What is involved

  • activate your body's repair functions
  • create new healthy patterns
  • move towards wellness
  • be empowered

The exact structure of any session will depend on you, what you need and where you are at. We work as a team to enable you to take control of your own well being.

Sessions draw from all my practices:

I run a practice based in Teddington South-west London as well as working various events and festivals around the UK and Europe. I am happy to travel but will expect you to cover costs and time if outsite of my local area.

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