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Tiredness - sleep or the lack of it

Prior to the Thomas Edison's invention of the light bulb the average American slept for 10 hours a night, the average now is less than 8 hours. Why is this; we live in a culture where sleeping is considered to be at best a luxury and at worst a sign of weakness

A lack of sleep can have wide ranging negative effects on your health and can increase your risk of:

  • accidents
  • weight gain and obesity
  • diabetes and heart problems
  • psychiatric conditions including depression and substance abuse

Sleep deprivation can have many different causes, insomnia, parenting, juggling work life balance to mention just a few. Our world is constantly stimulating us, we are chronically over worked and as a result we struggle to unwind. It is no wonder that we are not getting enough sleep.

How can i help

I can offer you a series of sessions that will use a mix of coaching, body work and training to help you help yourself get more sleep. Contact me to book.

The Sleep Challenge

Can you find more time in your week for sleep, watch a bit less telly, spend less time online, work from home AND still start work at the same time, take a nap at work, encourage your employer to install a nap pod

Why don't you see if you can get to bed 1 hour earlier three nights a week for a whole month and see what difference it makes to your life. I would love to hear your feedback!


Insomnia is estimated to effect about 30% of the population and is a condition where you cannot fall asleep or stay asleep. A common trigger for insomnia is stress and learning a meditative practice or restorative yoga may be helpful.

Here are some simple suggestions that might assist you:

  • keep a regular bedtime pattern
  • reduce or cut out caffeine
  • make time for moderate physical exercise during the day, for instance a 30 mins walk
  • don't eat too much especially close to bedtime
  • take some positive steps to relax before going to sleep: take a hot bath, do some restorative yoga, mediate, listen to gentle music, have a warm milky drink, whatever works best for you
  • only use your bedroom for sleep or sex
  • have a comfortable sleeping environment, warm enough but not too hot, comfortable bed, shut out light, wear ear plugs if you cannot stop noise
  • if you cannot sleep don't lie there and stress get up and do something gentle until you feel sleepy again