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Stress - The 21st Century Epidemic

Are you suffering from stress? Do you experience any of the following symptoms:

  • not able to concentrate
  • up tight, irritable, you get angry easily
  • irrational moods
  • inability to mentally relax
  • not sleeping well - insomnia
  • digestive complaints (IBS)
  • allergies or skin complaints
  • excessive sweating or feeling too hot
  • heart beating too fast
  • aches and pains especially backache and tense shoulders

How can I help

Ancient practices applied to modern day living - helping you to deal with a stressful busy life.

A series of sessions that will use a mix of coaching, body work and training (Yoga, Chi Kung and Mediation) to help you reduce your stress and learn to unwind. Contact me to book.

What is Stress

When we are placed under pressure or feel in danger the body responds to help us cope. Adrenaline is produced by the adrenal glands which give you a physical boost so you can focus, run or do what ever is needed to quickly solve the situation.

It has the following effects:

  • raises the heart rate - pumping blood faster
  • contracts blood vessels - redirecting blood to the heart, lungs and large muscles groups
  • dilates air passages - allowing more oxygen into the body
  • strength is increased and sensitivity to pain decreased
  • Visual and auditory senses are heightened
  • glucose is release into the blood to give energy
  • secondary functions like digestion, reproduction, immune system and repair are reduced or stopped

This is very useful when you need to run away or get something done quickly but if this goes on without relief you can start to suffer long term physical and mental ill effects, Backache, IBS, skin complaints, infertility, ongoing niggly illnesses, insomnia, depression, the list is endless.

Food Issues

Could your issues with food be caused by stress? Do you suffer some IBS or non-specific digestive complaints. Does your condition get worse when you are very busy, rushed or under pressure? The underlying physical state of stress is to put the whole of the digestive track onto the back burner which ok while you run away from a tiger but not great if this happens day in day out.

Contact me to discuss how we create a treatment program to help you relax and improve your wellbeing from the inside out.

Check out this simple little video from the BBC for an informative and light hearted explanation on stress you tube