Mary Newing


Pre-book your festival treatments

Ring or drop a text to get first dips on the best slots. Call me on 07775 560 568.

Please give me at least 3 days notice for emails as signal is often very poor and i cannot access the internet.


In a world where we all have all the things we need what do we give our loved ones.

Here are few suggestions that won't end up stuffed into the back of a cupboard.

Me time

A treatment with Stillness Therapy. All sessions are tailored to the needs and wants of the individal and are based upon thre treatments that i offer which are Thai Massage, Warm Bamboo Massage, Reiki or Japanese Facial Rejuvenations.



Give to a charity that is working hard to make a difference. Here a couple of my favourite options:

The Mayhew Animal Home

Crisis at Christmas