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Japanese Facial Rejuvenation

Japanese Facial Rejuvenation is often refered to as a "Natural Face-lift" as it invigorates the skin, stimulates muscle tone and improves blood flow making your look and feel healthier and revitalised.

A Japanese Facial Rejuvenation includes massage with oil, acupressure and fascial release to tone, lift and refresh the face.

Benefits of Japanese Facial Rejuvenation

  • healthier skin and a glowing complexion
  • relaxes, reduces stress and aids relaxation
  • improves blood and lymph circulation to the neck and face
  • increases neck and face muscle tone
  • revitalised facial tissues

Japanese Facial Rejuvenation is suitable for adults and children of all ages and most states of health. A session is received laying and is either a 30 min or a 1 hr treatment.